JUST ANOTHER DAY (a 9/11 memorial poem by Jonathan T.R. Franklin)

      The dawn broke, and we all of whom still here that awoke will remember

  It could have been,  should have been,  would have been …. just another day.

     Just another day until the eruption of steel and glass.   Just another day until that first plane crashed, the explosions, and the blasts.

     The screams of innocents, panicked gasps and looks to the skies.    Fire and smoke roared out of the first stricken tower none could believe their eyes.

     Just another day, this really should have been.  And yet this day only would get worse as a second plane struck just a little after ten.

Both towers now wounded at each other like dragons in battle to the death.  All the while innocent men, women lay inside breathing their last breath.

      Would have been just another day, but for a hole in the Pentagon and in a Pennsylvania field.    Why this happened is unknown still.

      Could have been just another day, except for some wicked plots, schemes, and plans.  Evil deeds and evil ones with blood on their hands.

       Just another day until those Twin Towers did fall.  Bush, Cheney, Bin Laden, Saddam,  we should forget them all.

        On this day instead remember the lives lost, and the ones who risked all to help.  Who gave everything including themselves.

         For some this day was a beginning, for some it was an end.  A day etched into the minds of millions of children, women, and men.

         To all the lost lives, survivors, and heroes of 9/11 all love and blessings your way.   We all wish it could have

                                                    should have

                                                    would have been, …. just another day.



7 responses to “JUST ANOTHER DAY (a 9/11 memorial poem by Jonathan T.R. Franklin)

    • thank you. I worked a long time on this one cause I’m not a natural poet. But this is a very important subject to me. I will put some more up soon. Again thanks for your feed back

  1. Wow! This is an EXCELLENT poem! This is beautifully and well written! I love it and will have to share it tomorrow on my facebook wall. Great job as always!

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