ONCE I KILLED CUPID. (an original poem by Jonathan T R Rollins)

I wrote this a long time ago.  I was pretty angry and heartbroken, as one who reads this can probably tell.  

Once I killed Cupid. I must confess …. I killed him because he made me feel and look stupid.

I followed him to where he lived, and sneaked in when he fell to sleep. I shoved a bag of heart candies

in his mouth so he wouldn’t utter a peep.

I nailed him to the floor with his arrows, and beat him with his bow. His own two weapons he used to cause me so much sorrow.

Gleefully, I cut off his his puny wings. I plucked out the feathers in circles, and danced in rings.

I slowly broke all his fingers and toes, one by little one. With a hammer I smashed his arms and legs while he tried to scream. And oh yeah, it was fun!!!

I knelt beside him with a knife and he tried to ask me why. I leaned to his ear and whispered, “You caused me much heartache, so now I want you to die.”

With the knife I ripped open his chest. I plunged inside pulled out his heart so he could see, I do think I enjoyed that the best.

When Cupid and his heart stopped moving I finally felt vindicated. I set him and his house ablaze and watched as it incinerated.

But my friends it was all for not. I being blinded by hurt and in rush for vengeance I had forgot.

You can kill one Cupid but in the end. That stupid trollop love will just have another again.


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