I have been watching these series of videos called the “Nostalgia Critic”.   If you have never seen them do check them out because they are very funny.

Here is a link to one of his funnier reviews.

Anyway, I watched one of his videos where he picked some of the movies he disliked but others loved.  It got me to thinking of how common that it was to have that conversation with movie lovers.  Is this an earth shattering, important, philosophical conversation?  No, but we don’t have to have those all the time.  I love movies and many of my friends and family do too.   So, in the spirit of fun and copying the Nostalgia Critic I am going to list movies that I either dislike, don’t get, or just plain hate, but others love.    I will give reasons why and will give you all the room to tell me why you like them.   And by no means do the choices mean you or any one else is dumb or stupid or anything like that.  They’re just movies after all.    Then later on I will put up a list of movies I like but others hate.   So now, let us begin …..

First off, ones who know me Will expect Twilight to be on here.  Well it’s not.  Only because this list is for movies that the majority seem to like but I didn’t, and unfortunately just as many people like Twilight as don’t.  SMH.

# 10.   The Truman Show, Starring Jim Carey…

Not really a bad movie, but to me it came off a bit pretentious.   It was really trying to say something about exploitation and society’s preoccupation with television.  To me that’s very hypocritical because if it weren’t for those things all of Hollywood would be out of business.   Plus, Jim Carey’s performance was very off.  When ever he plays serious he always gets a constipated look  on his face.  (eyes narrow, jaw juts out, mouth drops at sides)   Most of the film really moved at a snail’s pace, and there were quite a few plot holes.  Like I said, not a terrible movie.  I just didn’t  think it was very good.

#9.  Fight Club, starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton ….

I get lots of, WHAAAAT?!  when I mention this.  So let me say right now.  I am a fan of Pitt and Norton.  I am a fan of David Fincher, the director, and I like this movie A LOT, until the f’ing ending.   No spoilers here if you haven’t seen it, but the end was so stupid and unrealistic it ruined the rest of the movie for me.  So sorry but I really was let down by this movie.

#8 a tie, Independence Day (1996)  and Avatar (2009)

I tied these movies because they both have the same thing in common.  All FX and no story.   Maybe that’s what they were going for and if so, they achieved it.   One thing I D had for it was Will Smith and his charm and the big boom scenes.  But after that what was left.  The characters were caricatures and the script was really lame.  Avatar was beautiful to look at, but can you tell me you haven’t heard  and seen the story before?  Um, Dances with Wolves anyone, or even Last Samurai.  everyone always talks about the visuals and FX.  I like FX in movies when they enhance the story like Lord of the Rings, or Dark Knight.  Not substitute for it like these movies.

#7.  Grindehouse directed by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino              Pulp Fiction is  one of my favorite movies ever.  Rodriguez has made some great movies too.  I heard this was coming out and I was pretty hyped.  Two movies back to back by two great directors.  They were both very bad.  I get that they were not supposed to be great movies, more fun.  But they were just … boring.  Rodriguez’s Planet Terror was ok, but just moved way too fast to get to the gore and action.  Tarantino’s Death Proof was a total BORE.  The credit sequence was about five minutes long and all you see are women’s feet.  The girls in the movie are stupid and annoying and Kurt Russell, who has been great in movies was so over the top and dumb in this, it was painful.  But people tell me how much fun this movie was.  I guess I missed it.

#6.  Jerry Maguire  Starring Tom Cruise, Cuba Gooding jr. and Renee Zilwigger         This is another one that gets the WHAAAATTT??!!  Especially  from sports nuts.   I profess, I am not a Tom Cruise fan.  But I like some of his films.  (Interview with a Vampire, Rainman, Few Good Men)   But this movie became a classic overnight.   Why? I don’t know.  A film about an over paid agent who has a crisis of concionse and goes out of his way to get a big deal for an already overpaid and very annoying athlete.  Really?  This film was nominated for several Oscars.  Cruise nom for best actor, (huh?)  the film was nom for best picture,  (and the Dark Knight wasn’t ?  BS!!!)  and Gooding jr won for best supporting actor, for yelling that catch phrase that I am sooooo glad finally died.  And don’t anyone mention that stupid little kid.  Why did people find him so cute.  I’ve seen cuter zits on my ass than that annoying little sh…..

#5.  John Wayne movies

I really get flak for this.  But I really dislike the Duke.  He was a big man who acted tough and looked good in a cowboy hat.  He was the Schwarzenegger of his time.  Don’t believe me?  Lets look,  Both big men, both have funny voices, both were below average actors but could act tough, both made millions by acting tough, both made tons of movies about killing dark-skinned people, both are/were republican.  But somehow Wayne started being taken seriously as an actor.  His movies are predictable, silly, and Duke was no actor.  Watch Jeff Bridges in “True Grit”  then watch Wayne.  If Wayne can win best actor for his “True Grit” performance then Arnold should have won for his role in “Predator”.       By the way, Clint Eastwood is the best movie cowboy.

#4.  Meet the Parents, starring Robert De’ Niro,  Ben Stiller       This movie actually makes me angry when I watch it.  Now I love De’Niro, but it makes me sad that so many people will only know or remember him for this role.  One of the greatest actors ever and he gets more money off this sh**ty movie and the sequels than any other.   This movie is just mean and annoying.  Am I the only one who wanted Ben Stiller to go off and tell every one to go to hell.  Was that chick worth all the crap that her holier than though dad put him through?  HELL no!!!  And isn’t De’Niro’s character supposed to be a former CIA agent? But yet he was not perceptive enough to realize his son was a dope fiend and doing drugs, in his house?  No wonder you dumb asses took so long to find Bin Ladin.  I really hated this one and only saw the one sequel.  Hated it too.      Oh, and here is a GOOD Bob De’Niro movie.

#3.  Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,   Starring Matthew Brodrick 

I can not stand Brodrick.  He is the wormiest little thing to have ever become a movie star.   Why this movie become such a phenomenon I can’t fathom.  It’s so stupid, the characters are not likable and the story, well ….. it’s about kids playing hooky.  Wow!  That’s entertainment, I bet no one eeeeeever played hooky before.   And Ferris is soooo cool right?  Hell no, he’s that guy that has money and thinks he’s cool because people hang around him.  They hang around for the cheddar punk, not your charm.

#2.  The entire Scream series,  starring Neve Campbell,

These movies actually killed American horror films.  They are asinine, make no sense and have the most annoying female lead character in a film series that isn’t named Bella Swan.    What really makes me hate these films is that it thinks it’s clever.   The people in the films act so smarmy and like they are so hip and cool.  The movie itself comes off as so smart.   We are going to tell you the “rules” to slasher movies then follow them then break them and people will end up dead.  Oh how clever you are.  And when the killers are revealed and tell why they killed everyone, it’s so stupid.  They really have no reason.  And why does a serial killer need a reason any way?  Jason, Freddy, Leatherface, and Micheal Myers didn’t need reasons.  THAT’S WHY THEY WERE SCARY!!!!

#1.  Titanic, starring Leanardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslate ,

No movie was ever hyped up to me more than Titanic.  And no movie was ever as big of a let down.    If any movie should have been made straight for the Lifetime and/or Hallmark channel it’s this one.   It is way too sappy and melodramatic.  Thank god DiCaprio and Winslate went on to make real movies.  The script they had to work with.  Really the script is so flimsy it needs Viagra.   And the direction is so bad.  Full of these weird moments.  Like when the old lady Rose is telling about Leo painting her.  We see Winslate stretched out nude, the lighting is sexy, and she looks great.  Then bam! We are suddenly treated to the old woman’s face in a close up and she is saying that it was the most erotic moment of her life.  EEEEEEWWWWW!  Grandma said erotic.  I can gurantee that every dude watching that scene had an instant de-erection.  Even some Oscar members say it should have never won so many Oscars, let along best picture.    A great FX movie sure, and we all were amazed watching the ship sink.  But really, the characters were one dimensional, the story was weak, script was flaccid, and the direction was really bad.  All in all, the most overrated movie of it’s time, if not all time.

So, there is my list.  Hope I don’t make any of you hate me.  This is just my opinion and I don’t think any less of anyone who likes these movies.  There are more important things to get mad about.    I will leave you with a little treat at the end here.  I will do my movies I like but others hate soon.     Take care.

click on the link     VVVVV


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