Where do I begin?  There have been countless articles, blogs reviews and such about Pearl Jam.  They have heard how great they are, and of course they have heard the negative remarks too.  All the greats have heard both.  But I want to declare my love and fanaticism to what I think is the greatest rock band ever.  Have there been bigger bands?   Sure.  More popular bands?  Of course.  Bands and acts who have sold more albums, downloads, views on youtube?  Absolutely.  Do I give a flying fuck?  Hell no.  Pearl Jam and their music means more than just album sales, popularity, and all that crap.  Their music has touched not only my soul but millions around the world.  How many bands have survived and held such a dedicated fan base for more than ten years, and still made great albums along the way?  U2, Metallica,  and Pearl Jam.  It’s easy to be a solo artist.  You can have a career for decades and still be popular.  But not many bands do it, for what ever reason.

But to me the first time I saw them perform on the VMAs doing “Jeremy” I was hooked.  The music was perfect, the song had such power and Eddie Vedder was so passionate I was captivated.  I had never seen some one look and sound so fierce and guttural in my life.  I had seen the video for “Jeremy”, and heard “Alive” and “Even Flow”.  But when I saw them perform live it blew me away.  I bought the cassette the next day.  (yes kiddos, I said cassette.)  I listened to it over and over.  ” Black” became one of my favorite songs ever.  I bought every single album after that and my love of their music grew and grew.  I read every interview and my respect for them as artist and people continued to grow.  They didn’t want to be stars, they wanted to be artist.  They wanted to be real for not only their fans, but themselves and their music.   They did things their way and have been rewarded with the loyalty of millions of fans around the globe.   They dedicate lots of time and money to charities and causes.  But it’s always their music that keeps me amazed. Eddie Vedder to me is the greatest song writer of his generation.  He is a poet, a wonderful musician, and has one of the most distinctive voices ever.  Vedder can sing anything and writes some of the greatest lyrics ever.   Of course I can’t forget about Stone Gossard, Mike McCready, Jeff Ament, and Matt Camron.  They each one are irreplaceable and the band would not be the same with out them.  Each one is a great song writer and musicion and gives the music it’s lifes breath.   Pearl Jam’s songs are timeless and the older I get they take on a different meaning for me.    From 16 to 36 their music means more now than it did then.  God bless ED, STONE, MIKE, JEFF AND MATT.   The world would be a sad and quite place without you.      (I’ll post some of my fav songs.  scroll over links and search)   BLACK   DAUGHTER   THE LONG ROAD   GIVEN TO FLY  YELLOW LEDBETTER  ALIVE  PJ AND NEIL YOUNG,  greatest mtv vma performance ever.


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