My review of “JOHN CARTER”

My review of “JOHN CARTER”

This will be my first online movie review.  While I am not a proffesional critic, I do watch a lot of movies.  In my estamation that’s probably how most critics get the job.  They are just in the right place at the right time to find some sucker to pay them to do it.  Critiqe is just opinion and we all know the saying about opinions.  

  But as far as the movie “JOHN CARTER” goes, it is far from a master piece.  But I thouroghly enjoyed it.  I have not read the Edgar Rice Burroughs books, but after watching this I would certanly like to.  How faithful it is to the books I don’t know.  As far as the film itself it had all that you would want in a film.  There is enough for kids and adults.  The pacing of the film is very energetic,  the speacle effects are just enough to help the film and not become the film.  Which is a huge pet peeve of mine.  There is lots of action and humor.  The story is great, although it is not necessarily new.  Even though one has to remember that this was written several decades ago by the man who wrote “TARZAN”.  So this story has been imitated a million times over.  It’s about a Civil War vet in the 1800’s who is transported to Mars and is caught up in a civil war there.  Mars is like Earth in a lot of ways and is being destroyed from within by an outside force.  There have been many comparasens  to James Cameron’s “AVATAR”, but in my humble opinion “JOHN CARTER” is far and away better.   “AVATAR” may have better visuals, but “JOHN CARTER” has much better pacing, style and acting, and way better story detail.  Not to mention script.  Cameron needs to quite writing his own films like George Lucas needs to never,…. ever direct again.  I thought Taylor Kitsch was great as the title charachtor.  He definatly has some acting chops, and a great charismatic presence on screen.  Plus I’m sure the ladies find him actractive which don’t hurt.  The rest of the cast is fine and it was nice to only hear Willem Dafoe and not see his creepy mug.  His charechter is a CGI alien.  In all the film was very entertaining and it was disapointing that it didn’t do better in the theaters.  So do get it on dvd.  It’s a great movie for the entire family to enjoy.   

My rating, 1 being the worst and 7 being the best.  “JOHN CARTER” will get a 5.



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