Ridley Scott is one of my all time favorite film makers.  He is a true visionary who takes chances and ask questions with his films.  Scott’s worst films are still better than most best ones.     With “Blade Runner” he asks who really has the right to say who lives and dies?   “Gladiator” he shows that the people, not the government are the ones who should have control of the world.  Maybe I’m over simplifying but you get the idea.    I had to think a few days after watching “Prometheus”.  It is an “Alien” prequel, of sorts, but it really is about humanities longing to know where we came from and do we really want to know ALL of the answers.  Do we want to awaken sleeping giants in other words.  I don’t give away spoilers so don’t worry.  The basic plot is two archaeologist in the future,  find evidence that ancient civilizations all witnessed beings from other worlds come to earth in the beginning of time.   They get on board a space craft with the funding of a billionaire to journey to a solar system many light years away to find the “engineers” as they call them to find out how it all began, because the archaeologist believe the other worldly engineers were the creators of humanity.   The movie itself is a wild ride and never lacks to impress.  The effects are mind-blowing and actually help the story instead of replacing it.  Ridley Scott is great at that unlike the other “Aliens” director Cameron who is great at effects but sucks at actual story.   The sets are phenomenal and completely set the mood that all is not what the characters are hoping for.   Scott really keeps the pace and action flowing, and the acting is top notch.  Charlize Theron is great as the stilted commander,  Michael Fassbender is terrific as the android assistant, and in my opinion should get an Oscar nom. for best supporting actor.   I’m not giving anything away there, it’s told right away.   The star of the film is a new comer to many but I have loved her work since seeing her in the Swedish version of  “the Girl with the Dragon Tatoo” Noomi Rapace.  She is a ball of charisma who really leaps off the screen.  She can play tough and vulnerable at the same time and is endlessly talented.  IMO she is this generations Natalie Wood, but actually better.   To some expecting a typical “Alien” film it may disappoint but to me it was much more thought provoking and entertaining.

My rating, 1 being crap and 7 being great I’ll give “Prometheus” a 6.



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