Becoming infamous to be famous

Image  I’m am so sick of hearing about Casey Anthony.  But on the news today something struck me during a story about her.  Apparently Casey is a huge reality TV star and idolizes Kim Kardashian.  So much so that she was heart broken at some tweets Kim sent out about how disappointed she was Casey wasn’t found guilty of murder.  But now Casey relishes the idea of being famous and has been quoted as saying she needs to “work on her brand” and “wants her own reality show”.  This is a troubling trend amongst young people now.  Particularly girls.  We in the last ten to fifteen years have seen people rise to fame by doing nothing.   Paris Hilton’s reality show was the first to do this by sticking her and Nicole Ritchie, two untalented and semi intelligent women whom are well known for being rich by their parents means.  After that were countless copies the best known being the Kardashiean’s.  Kim became a household name by being a party goer and showing as much flesh as she could.  Not to mention her sex tape which “inspired” Laurence Fishburn’s daughter, Montana into the porn world.  Montana was even quoted saying she saw how quick Kim became famuos and she was impatient to do the same.  Then of course there is the “Jersey Shore” and “16 and Pregnant”.  This is much worse in my opinion because Snookie and JWow were complete unknowns but became famous by being drunken sluts.  The girls from “16 and Pregnant” are just exploited but this gives girls the idea that getting knocked up could be a great way of getting on TV.

Now I’m not saying Casey Anthony killed her kid because of Kim Kardashiean.  Nothing like that at all.  What I am saying is Casey wanted to be like Snookie and Kim.  A famous person who became famous for doing nothing but being themselves.  Living off others money, partying, having a good time, and getting paid for it.  Casey couldn’t achieve that because she had a child.  The child was killed, and she suddenly became a house hold name.  Now almost a free woman, Casey believes she is in the same light as her idols and wants to hold on to it.  The danger here is that our media is so perverse and hungry for ratings, that someone may very well give her what she wants.  She may get a reality show and it may become a ratings grabber.  Here is the danger folks.  We have young girls, getting into porn because of Kim Kardashiean.  Girls getting pregnant to be on “16 and Pregnant” and girls impersonating, Snookie and Lindsey Lohan all the time.  If Casey Anthony becomes the next big reality star, are we going to see lots of little children being thrown out like garbage too?


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