Noomi Rapace as Harley Quinn

I’m casting my vote now.  Not for the presidential election.  I don’t think that actually matters anymore.  The ones in charge put who the hell they want in there anyway.  No, I’m voting for something that may not be important but will at least entertain me and give me some happiness.  If, and/or when Warner and DC comics make another Batman film, I want Noomi Rapace to play Harley Quinn.  That character may not ring a bell to some but to the ones who know her she is without a doubt one of the most beloved of the Dark Knight’s rouges gallery.  She is the constant companion and girlfriend of The Joker, as well as best friends with Poison Ivy.  She is equally as demented and vicious and most freighting of all unshakably loyal to her “pudden” Joker.  Or as she fondly refers to him “Mr. J”.  Look up her complete bio. on Batman wiki to learn more if you don’t know her all that well.  While I’m not sure anyone could even come close to Heath Ledger in “The Dark Knight” as Batman’s most famous rival, if another Bat-film gets made we all know the Joker will rear his green hair sometime.  That will be when Harley should finally make her live action début and Noomi should done the paint and hat.  Noomi  has played the edgy roles before as the Swedish version of Lisabeth Salander.  She has a great look, and tons of talent to pull off the role.  Noomi can be tough, quirky, funny and vulnerable.   All things that make the character of Harley Quinn so appealing.    Just check her out in the pic on the left in the paint and tell me she is not made for the role.  Do the right thing DC and Warner.  If you make another Batman, (and we are pretty sure it’ll happen) bring in Harley and give Noomi the part.  It’ll make all of us and Mr. J smile.   


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