I hate this weasely little troll who made this facebook page called “cancer is funny because people die.”  Don’t try to look up the info and try to find the creator.  They are to much of a coward to offer that.  I really worry for our future as a society that some vile, pathetic, waste of skin thinks human suffering is funny and that mindless little worms would follow them along.  Then you whom ever you are, are too much of a coward to show yourself.  If I were you I wouldn’t either.  You are a low life, scum, living like a  little rat in a hole.   One day you will be stricken down and be mocked by the ones that find you funny right now.  Then they will suffer the same fate.  It’s always that way.  So I hope you soon will see the light and turn yourself around.  But I’ve given this yeasty little codpiece enough attention.  Some responsibility lays with Zuckerburg and facebook.  So bombard those inattentive drones with request to get rid of these pukes and set up something so this doesn’t happen again.  There is a petition going round so please sign it.   Here is the address.


3 responses to “YOU KNOW WHAT I REALLY HATE?

  1. I know waht you mean my friend. I think people who post shit about “cancer being funny” are the worst kind of assholes. Thank’s for calling this guy/girl out!

  2. Why would anyone think cancer is a laughing matter. It’s a horrible horrible thing to see someone suffering from cancer. Karma is real and the one who created that “cancer is funny” page will eventually meet their fate and what’s coming to them. We’ll see who has the last laugh then. Buy really, they are not worth focusing on or wasting any energy on. So just sign the petition and let god take care of the rest.

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