If famous republicans were Gotham villians.

Ha … ahe … aho … and I thought MY jokes were bad.

You remember this picture don’t you.  It became the logo for those bible thumpen, Tea bagging party conservatives.    For the last four years I’ve overlooked it and laughed at the stupidity and ignorance it represents.  But in my sleep last night I thought, what about that bulbous blow hard Chris Christie.  Whose more like The Penguin than him?  The more I thought about it the more it made sense.  No one group represents Batman’s rouge gallery than the modern GOP republican party.  Or as I like to refer to them as ….

THE G O Poop


So we’ll start with the before mentioned Gov. Crispy Cream

Can’t you just hear go, Waaah, waaah, waaah!

Penguin was a weak, short, fat, ugly little boy.  He was an out cast and grew up with a chip on his shoulder.   When he got older he grew mean,  and bitter.  He inherited some money, with money came power, with power came a taste for crime.  Instead of learning being bullied is hurtful and going the other way Penguin became a powerful criminal and a bully.  He hurt, robbed and killed people.  Or should I say had it done.   Now I’m not saying Christie is a killer or criminal.  But what i see is a man who was a chubby little boy and was bullied as a child.  Like Penguin, he is not a dumb man and rose to a powerful position.  But instead of being grateful and using his position to do good, he enjoys being a bully.  He shouts at reporters, calls a veteran who was asking about teacher pay an idiot.  Has security routinely throw someone out when they disagree with him.  Is that American?  Is that democracy?  Looks more like mafia mentality to me.   Christie would be right at home in the “Iceburg Lounge.”


    I know … most who know Batman and saw “Dark Knight Rises” would assume Mitt would be Bane.   But I’ll get to Bane in a while.  Mitt fits the mold of one who is not broadly known.  In fact I’m not sure if Feriss Boyle has ever appeared outside of the 90’s animated series.  But first of all they look exactly the same.  If you don’t better you’d swear it was done on purpose.  But the Boyle character was created at least 15 years ago.  Secondly Boyle is a corporate head honcho.  He gobbles up small businesses, underpay employees, and is the catalyst for what happened to scientist, Victor Freeze and his wife.  Freeze is caught using Boyle’s companie’s equipment to create a cure to make his sick wife well.  Boyle causes an accident while angry that turns Victor into Mr. Freeze and almost kills Freeze’s wife.  All because Boyle thought he was losing money.  Romney wants to cut taxes on the rich while taking jobs, benefits, and health care away from middle class Americans.  He wants to deprive women and Homosexuals choices on how to live.  He wants to and already has sent jobs overseas in order to lower costs for his companies.  He’s Boyle in every way.

Speaking of Mr. Freeze …

He’s a cold-hearted snake, look into his eyes. Uh oh … he’s been telling lies! 


While Freeze in the Batman universe has a good deal of sympathy and we can see the reasons he does what he does.  It doesn’t give him the right to kill, rob, and turn the world around him into a block of ice.    Boehner on the other hand.  He is a true cold-hearted person.  The republicans have tried to appeal Obama’s health care plan a record number of times.  They turned down his job plan bills.  They filibustered countless things he’s tried to do.   And at the helm helping to put the virtual freeze on it all is the orange Boehner himself.  If he has his way he’ll put us all out in the cold too.


    Ah! But he’s a democrat you may say.  Yes, and Harvey Dent was once a hero DA and one of Bruce Wayne’s closest friends.  But ol’ Harve had a dark side.  He played the golden boy in public but he really wanted to go Dirty Harry on those crooks asses.    Holding all that hate and aggression in caused him to develope a split personality.   One day a crook caused one side of Harvey’s face to become permanently scared, finally driving Harvey over the edge and become Two Face.  He even flips a two-headed coin to make decisions.  I bet Lieberman flips a coin too.  A gold one the GOP gave him to sell out his party, Obama, and the American people.  Obama was running on almost the same plans that Al Gore was running on when Lieberman was running with him for office as his VP.  Eight years later, he endorses McCain at the RNC and throws Obama under the bus.  Was it jealousy?  Money?  Or did he flip a coin that day?  Either way his reputation been forever scared.

Speaking of McCain ….

    Sara Palin, two words most of us wish would have never … ever came into popular culture.  The woman personifies the term Narcissist.  She is out only for herself and er family.  She puts on the facade of the all American, down to earth, love my country and the people.  But she gobbles up the fame, goods, money, and runs.  Just like Killer Croc.  Croc cares only about feeding his lust for flesh, blood, and mayhem.  Your life, health, money, family be damned.  He wants his hunger and needs to be satisfied and if he has to get it from you then so be it.  But at least he’s honest about it.  His ugliness is on the outside.  Sara’s is well hidden from many.  She cares about you, your family, her country?  Ha, now that’s a CROC!

Speaking of ugly …

You are getting sleepy America. When you wake up … you’ll see a Muslim in the White House.

God I hate this “man”.  He is a pure, outright bigot, misogynist, lying, pig.   Rush instills hatred, fear, and paranoia in people who listen to him.  He is a true evil svengali.  Like the Mad Hatter.  Hatter was a lonely misfit scientist who was obsessed with the tale of “Alice in Wonderland”.  He also became obsessed with a very young girl and wanted her for himself.  Despite being old enough to be her father.  He developed a hypnotic device that would put him in control of other people’s minds.  What ever he thought, you thought.  What ever he said, you said.  He wanted you to do something, you’d do it.    Rush is like this.  He is smart, and clever.  But he is also a good actor.  He can sound so passionate, and gets so worked up that by the time he’s done if he told you the world was ending tomorrow, you’d make some plans and get ready.  He talks the ones who listen to him into a paranoid frenzy.  He makes them think that the government, the gays, feminist, and minorities are at the door trying to take over.  IMO Rush doesn’t have a hook to hang his hat on.


Hell, hell, hell, it’s a wonderful place … of fire and brimstone.

Some may not know Reverend Blackfire.    He was in a Batman graphic novel called “The Cult.”  He is a preacher who has lived hundreds of years.  He picks modern-day Gotham to come back and bring a uprising of the poor, homeless, and underprivileged to rage war on the city.  Looting, murdering and so on.  He does so by passionately preaching and inducing mind numbing drugs into his followers.  He promises them that if they follow him,  he’ll lead them to wealth and prosperity.  All the while he lives it up in a grand place and bathes in the blood of innocents.  (literally)  Pat is much like this minus the murdering and bathing in blood part.  (that we know of)  He preaches to the poor, and weak-minded about following his way and they’ll reach the promised land.  All while he lives a great and rich life.  He may not murder.  But his words of bigotry, discrimination, and ignorance do as much if not more harm than Blackfire did in the book.

Speaking of words of ignorance …

Don’t hate me cause I’m beautiful. I don’t, I hate you cause you’re a b….

She spews poison, disease, all while doing it to suit her cause and needs.  Poison Ivy does the same things.   Pamela Isley became the Eco – terrorist Poison Ivy when Gotham city decided to cut down a section of forest to make way for a new prison.  She was a well-known environmentalist/scientist who got too involved in her work.  She even started doping herself with poison chemicals to survive with her beloved plants.  She can hypnotize people with pheromones and if you kiss her you either are put under her spell or you die.  Coulter spreads vile poison in books, social media and airwaves.  She is fairly attractive so conservative men listen and gobble it up.  She is witty and smart so conservative women and pundits laugh at her at gobble it up.  She says exactly what they want to hear and what others find offensive.  Either way she gets attention and spreads her lies and poison to suit her cause.


Oh, Mr. B. 

Harley Quinn was swept off her feet when the Joker started noticing her.  He told her his sob story, (one of many) told her all the things she wanted to hear.  She was a good girl, corrupted by a manipulating, insane, abusive criminal.  But she stands by him, will fight by his side, and defend everything he does.  She loves her pudden, Mr. J.    I always found it funny that Ms. Rice (or Mrs.) was chosen by W as  Secretary of State.  She is a smart woman but I never felt as if she had any back bone to her at all.  W told her to ignore threats from Al Ouida, and she did.  She took up for everything he did and said. Took the blunt of judgment for most of the mistakes that were made by others.   I could just hear her on Air Force one saying “sure Mr B.”  and calling W her pudden.  Rice was just another puppet on the string of the Bush administration.

Speaking of which …

   He didn’t want to look bad.  He made his puppet and sat back acting like he had to do what ever the puppet said.  The puppet was in control.  He was the head of the gang.  That’s what Dick Cheney wanted you and W Bush to think.   The Ventriloquist created Mr. Scareface because he didn’t want to do the bad things he did himself.  He was a coward.  He wanted the blame put on some one or something else.   So he made a puppet and acted like it was all his idea.  He was in charge of the whole thing.  When Karl Rove found W Bush, he saw a rough stone he could turn into a sculptor.  A piece of coal he could turn into a diamond.  So he helped this once failure become governor of Texas.  Cheney saw a guy with affability and some charisma and talked him into running with him for president and VP.  Cheney was the man behind the scenes, while Bush did all the talking and got the heat on him.  Cheney and his cronies instrumented everything that got us into Iraq so they could sop up that oil.  Like Reagan before him GW Bush was someones wooden puppet.


   Talia al Ghul is the daughter of the leader of an army of assassins.  Her father has the extreme view that the “filth” of the world must be eradicated to purify the earth.  That anyone who doesn’t fit his world view should be killed.    She was brought up in this teaching.  She herself is not a bad person.  She loves Batman and wants to marry him, but she also believes as her father believes.  This makes her as dangerous a person or more so as her father.     I see Michele Bachman the same way.  She seems like she would be a nice person.  But she has some very extreme views that she truly believes in.  Unlike Romney, Cheney, Palin and others who pander to people who really believe in ideals, religion etc.  Bachman (IMO) believes in the things she’s been taught and says.  Do i agree with them, absolutely not.  I don’t believe you can pray gay away or that a woman must do as the husband says.  But she does, and in a position of power such as President … that is a dangerous thing.

Speaking of danger …

I will break the spine of middle class America

Batman has faced many dangerous foes.  Joker is a lunatic, Ras’ al Ghoul is immortal and an extremist.  But none come as close to ending the Bat as Bane.  Hopped up on steroids, and a brilliant strategical mind.  Bane let loose all of Gotham’s  worst criminals and waited as Batman wore himself into exhaustion.  He found him and broke his back.  But being Batman he got better and kicked Bane’s ass.  Paul Ryan wants to set loose the wall street and banker criminals again to do what got the economy into a downward plunge.  He wants to lower the taxes on the rich while skyrocketing the taxes for middle class.  He wants to kill medicare, well-fare, social security, and jacking up the cost of health insurance.  Not to mention destroying public education.   All these things will snap the spine of middle class America.  With out it’s spine a nation will collapse.

What these people don’t realize is that with out the middle class, blue-collar,  everyday person.  The rich have no one to make the goods, or buy them.   You have no one to work in your stores, factories, plants, fields.    It’s not sin, sex, God, the devil or the lack of belief in either one that has been the down fall of empires, governments, or kingdoms.  It’s always been greed.  The ones that have always want more.  So they take till there is nothing left to take.  So then they start taking from each other.  I think all these above and others will someday find out.  There is no honor among thieves.





One response to “If famous republicans were Gotham villians.

  1. Oh wow! What an excellent blog! You hit the nail on the head! Everyone of the Villians above is the exact description of the Republicans listed above! Wow I’m speechless on how they are an exact fit!!! Job well done! This blog needs to be seen by many many many people.

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