Scott Van Duzer, the Obama hugger is being boycotted.

THIS …. America is now an offensive act and can get your business boycotted.

Yes … it’s true.  A man is happy to get a visit from the president of the United States and hugs him.  He finds himself on the news and BAM!  Finds himself called a trader, insulted.  The victim of people posting nasty reviews about his business and called for a boycott.    The man was paid a visit by Obama, because Obama wanted to congratulate him on some charity work.  Duzer hugged him and that should have been that.  But no, conservative extremist now want to boycott the man and ruin his business.  A small business man whom republicans claim to be for and Obama against.

A few months ago I did a blog on how I thought the blow up on Chick Fe Lah had gone a bit over board.  The owner had the right to his views and as long as he wasn’t forbidding Gays to work or eat at his restaurant it seemed he should be left alone.  But now this has happened.  An American man showed respect and love for his president and has been villainized for it.  The owner of a million dollar making fast food chain says he doesn’t think two people of the same gender should be married and it’s a sin.  There for denying they have same rights as he and other Americans and republicans think it’s ok.  But this small business owner shows respect to his president, and they want him boycotted and his business ruined.  This is the epitome of hypocrisy.   Scott Duzer hugging Obama does not hurt anyone.  Cause money to be taken from your pockets, deny you ANYTHING.  Republicans claim to be for small business, yet want this man to be punished for something that harms them in any way.

To all the ones who are boycotting, calling for it, and insulting this man you should be so ashamed.  I hope if Romney does get elected you all do suffer for it.  You are the biggest reasons that this country is in the shape its in.  You are small-minded, two-faced, ignorant, racist, sheep.  You all need to pull your head out of the sand and quit waving the flag for two seconds and smell the coffee.  Scott Duzer does not deserve to be punished.  You do.



6 responses to “Scott Van Duzer, the Obama hugger is being boycotted.

  1. Wow! It’s all beginning to be so juvenile and elementary school like. It’s like when you were little in school and one friend said “don’t play with that person, if you do, we’re not going to be your friend anymore and we’ll get everyone else to pick on you and tease you. ” Wow when will these “Lil Boys” grow up and stop acting like their shoe size. I really smell the hatred and it really disgusts me to the pit of my stomache. So sad. . .

  2. socialism is no juvenile. when there are food and electricity shortages you won’t feel the same way. the juvenile part is believing in the liberal/progressive agenda. there is nothing extreme about conservatism

    • Well, if Romney and Ryan are elected and get their way I am sure that we’ll all be struggling to keep the power on, buy groceries and pay bills anyway. So we are screwed either way huh? There is nothing extreme about conservatism? Ha, you must be trolling. The conservative views of America today are very extreme. Boycott a man because he hugged someone? Keep homosexuals from having the same rights as anyone else? Telling a woman what she can and can’t do with her body? Sounds pretty extreme to me.

  3. Wait is this American politics or elementary school? Because at least in elementary school you get juice and snack time. Really American politics needs to shape up because they are an international joke. Canadians refer to the recent attack ads as American style politics.

      • I remember in 2009 when the NY senate had a coup and everyone was acting up. I called in to my local radio station and suggested that my daughter’s babysitter go down to Albany and start handing out time outs.

        It’s really sad that our country (I’m American, but you probably got that from the first paragraph) has come to this- it doesn’t get things done it just causes more trouble. Next thing you know people will be punching each other during congressional hearings like they have done in Greece.

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