YOU KNOW WHAT I HATE? William Baily of Canton OH.


I saw this story on the news about a man named William Baily from Canton OhioHere’s a pic of the low life …


Yes, Baily was arrested for aggravated menace on a separate account. He’s a pillar of his community. NOT!

I’m sorry you have to see such an ugly thing, but I want everyone to know his face and name.  This ‘man’ (and the term is used as loose as Paris Hilton’s clothes at a party) actually made fun of a ten-year old little girl with cerebral palsy.  There is a video.  It’s very heart breaking to watch but it says more than anything …



I find it hard to believe that a grown man could stoop as low as to ridicule  a handicapped child.  Plus teach it to his own child.  As we all know, bigotry, hate, fear, are all products of nurture.  Not nature.  His son has seen his father do things like this, so he in turn began bullying his handicapped neighbor.    In this time of  stop bullying campaigns, which I think is a great ‘idea’, there is only one true way to stop it.  It is not with these campaigns from celebrities, and big money companies like World Wrestling Entertainment.  Which I find extremely hypocritical that WWE would be apart of since their CEO Vince McMahon is one of the biggest bullies ever.  No, the only way these sort of things can be stopped is for everyone to abandon the thinking that spurns the fear, anger and bigotry.  If everyone in the world abandons those thoughts then it can’t be taught to the next generation of people.  But sadly, I just don’t see it happening.  As long as the world has been turning  prejudice, fear, and plain old ignorance have been turning with it.  Does anyone really believe those things can be extinguished by donating some money to some corporation?  Or by all of us joining a group and wearing a little ribbon on our shirts?  Unfortunately no.  So sadly, disgusting human beings like William Baily will continue to do vile things like what he did.  People like him will continue to teach their children to grow up and be ignorant morons like them and so the cycle will continue.  But what we can do with the technology, and social media that we have is bring these vile parasites to the light and watch them run like the over grown cockroaches they are.  Anytime we see some one bullying, and treating others like dirt, record it.  Post it, and show the world for what they are.  Make them infamous, not famous.  If you recognize them in public tell them what they are.  Ignorant, cowardly  pieces of crap.   Maybe then these things will stop.  Maybe they will get the message  that we all have to live on this planet.  Life is hard enough without having someone put you down for what ever the reason.  Especially for children.  I pray this little girl and all kids who are bullied will remember that life gets better.  Life has wonderful surprises ahead.  I also pray that one day we can all learn to live together.  Like Bob Marley said.  “One love, one heart
Let’s get together and feel all right.”



3 responses to “YOU KNOW WHAT I HATE? William Baily of Canton OH.

    • That’s a good question. I have a feeling it’s the same people that mind anti-terrorism laws, or drug enforcement laws. Which means they’re not minded well at all and are enforced when that upper one percent are being affected. We are the only ones who can truly do something about it.

  1. Wow! Very well written. I totally agree. Celebrities donating money won’t stop it. Brnging attention and posting their pics, videos and so on will. They will be known for the thngs they do and they will either run and hide or just stop doing it all together. It is definitely a learned behavior at home and school children see their parents doing it and think it’s ok. The man in the video never grew up and he is setting his child up to become a terrible adult. Bullying is such a terrible thing and comes in many forms. We need to break the cycle and learn to live with eachother on this earth. So what if we’re all different, that’s what makes the world a unique place. Hopefully one day the world would live in harmony. . . .hopefully. Excellent post!! : )

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