Is Obama Lex Luthor or Elmer Fudd?

evil genius or bumbling buffoon?

evil genius or bumbling buffoon?

I’ve been noticing something on Conservative blogs, Facebook pages, and especially on Twitter.  To republicans and teaparty/bagger members, Obama is at once an evil genius bent on the destruction of capitalism, American values and Christianity AND a bumbling buffoon, who has no clue what he’s doing and no experience as a leader.  Now of course no one can be both of these things.  But these are the same people who belive he is a communist, socialist, atheist, Muslim, antichrist who was born in Africa.  So for them to believe he can be Lex Luthor AND Elmer Fudd is not too far of a stretch at all.

Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor

Elmer Fudd

Elmer Fudd






Don’t belive me?  Go look for yourself.  No further than any Conservative web page or the Facebook page.  One minute there’s a meme like this 534193_450608898354446_874568380_ndeclaring him an evil man who is coming for your guns and helping those horrible Muslim terrorist.  Ignoring that not all Muslim’s are terrorist.  If that’s so then all Christian’s are just like the Westboro Baptist Church.  But I digress.  As you can see Obama is pictured smiling with a burning American flag smiling, depicting the “evil menacing genius” preying upon the fearful and ill educated.  Then the very next minute the same page will throw up (ie vomit) a meme like this …253646_588772557808794_73297244_nDepicting the very same man as an idiot, buffoon, and stupid, who’s STILL destroying the country but through ignorance not malice. This brings their readers back from anger and fear to make them feel better.  It makes them feel as if they are much smarter and better than this pathetic little black man.

So I pose the question.  Is Obama the evil, calculating, Muslim terrorist in disguise who’s destroying the good ol’ USA from within?  Or is Obama the bumbling, dumb, ignorant, know nothing inexperienced dumb ass whom the “bleeding heart liberals” put in charge?  Is Obama Lex Luthor or Elmer Fudd?  Because Teapublicans, despite what you think he can’t be both.  No one can.

Oh, I know what they will say.  “You said the same thing about George W. Bush.”  Actually no.  I can’t speak for all Democrats, but I personally always said Bush was exactly what he was.  A puppet, and a dumb one at that.  You would have to be to go along with what he did.  Letting Dick Cheney and a Republican majority senate, house and congress put him out front to lie about Iraq. So they could send our men and women to die.  Not to mention bombing a country who had done nothing to us straight to hell.  As well as letting corporations, banks, and wall street, and real estate investors get away with murder for eight years, eventually lead to the economic collapse of the country.   Yes, I did and will always say that Bush was a puppet who was nothing more than a scape goat for his administration, Cheney, and Corporate America.  He takes the blame for all their evil ways, as he should for letting it happen.  But he was the fall guy, not the evil genius.   That would be Cheney.

Is my cock big enough Is my brain small enough For you to make me a star Give me a toot, I'll sell you my soul Pull my strings and I'll go far.  (From song "Pull My Strings" by the Dead Kennedys)

Is my cock big enough
Is my brain small enough
For you to make me a star
Give me a toot, I’ll sell you my soul
Pull my strings and I’ll go far. (From song “Pull My Strings” by the Dead Kennedys)

I by no means say Obama is a perfect man.  No president was, is, or will ever be perfect.  Clinton was a male trollop but left office with an economic surplus.  Reagan was not the embodiment of perfection that the current conservative looks back with nostalgia – goggles.  He thought that trees caused air pollution, believed in astrology, and followed Margret Thatcher’s policies that caused privation on the middle class.  Plus he thought ketchup was a vegetable and that made him wrong on two counts.  (Ketchup is a condiment and tomatoes are a fruit.)  George Washington was indecisive and full of self-doubt.  Lincoln said once ‘If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it.’ Thomas Jefferson and James K Polk owned hundreds of slaves.  JFK was an adulterer.  But should we diminish everything that they accomplished as leaders?  No, but we need to remember that none of these men were perfect as Obama is not perfect.

Does Obama lack intelligence?  No, he is a Harvard law graduate, and received an undergraduate degree in political science from Columbia University, an Ivy League member currently ranked 9th in the country by U.S. News and World Report.  Obama also graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law School.  I’m betting most teapublicans think Magna Cum Laude is some sort of African porn, but no.  It’s Latin for with very great honor.  So Obama is not dumb, stupid, or ignorant.   “Ah”, says the teapublican, “then he is an evil genius!!!”  Well, I don’t see someone as evil who buys puppies for his little girls, wants healthcare for all people, and wants to make buying guns a little more difficult so that MAYBE some children’s lives will be saved.  I guess I’m a little weird that way.

“But Universal healthcare will lead us to Socialism!!!”  screams the teapublicans.  Well, tell that to Canada.  They have it and run fine and dandy with free enterprise like good ol’ Amurica.  Taxes are higher but it pays for better way of life when you don’t have to sell your home and soul to get an operation.  Now some will say that the government can say no to care or operations in Canada if they wish.  That is laughable, and untrue.  It’s laughable because insurance providers here constantly DENY people coverage because of supposed preexisting conditions.  Don’t tell me that one can just switch providers either.  Tell me one provider who won’t throw up the preexisting condition clause or tell you that a treatment is “experimental” so they can’t cover it.  Health insurance in the U.S. is a scam and I for one think it’s about time for a little universal health care for some things.

But what about those innocent victims.  The ones who can’t speak for themselves and need our protection.  The poor innocent guns that Obama wants to take from our hands and then run us over with a tank.  Yeah, that’s exactly what he wants to do … NOT!  I say what is wrong in a country where everyone is fine with taxing the common man more but not a billionaire?  Where they are fine with drug testing a disabled or unemployed person for welfare but gives a corporation millions in ‘corporate welfare.?’  Where a country where millions are more worried about big guns than little kids?  Is it really bad to have a stricter back ground check, and/or background checks at all at gun shows?   No one even Obama is wanting to deprive anyone of a gun.  Not everyone should have a gun either whether anyone likes hearing that or not.  I personally think there are too many guns, and too many irresponsible nut-job assholes have them.  If it would keep firearms out of the hands of sociopaths then make the background checks as strict as possible, and ban gun shows for that matter.

Back to the trillion-dollar (no Obama didn’t run the defecate up that high by himself) question.  Is Obama an evil genius or a bumbling buffoon?  Is Lex Luthor, or Elmer Fudd?  The answer is neither.  He is just a man who took on a tough job in a absurdly difficult time.  Has he done everything perfect?  No, but who could have?  Could any of the teapublicans, or conservatives?  No, no one could have done any better.  If I saw a house that the owner were giving away and saw that it had some damage on the outside, “I’d be like ok, I can fix it up.”  But then when I got inside the floor was falling in, the electric and plumbing were shot, the walls were destroyed.  I go for some help and everyone tells me what a disaster I made of the house, blames me and refuses to help.  That was the predicament Obama found himself in.  But yet there are those who no matter what blame and ridicule him for everything.  It is actually a sad testament to those who continue to do so.  History I feel will be very unkind to those who still call the man every name in the book and see him as everything from a buffoon, to the anti-christ, to a secrete muslim alien succubus.  Some belive he is all at the same time.

Truth is Obama is just a man.  Not an evil man, nor a perfect man.  Just a man with a tough job in a tough time.  Just like all of us.  But some will never trust or believe him for what ever reason.  Whether it’s bigotry, fear, ignorance or plain stupidity.  Unlike believing that someone can be a communist, socialist, Muslim, and atheist all at the same time.  One can and usually is an ignorant, fearful, stupid, bigot at the same time.  Just like these guys. ifwt_KKK   Is that truly what you want to be?


2 responses to “Is Obama Lex Luthor or Elmer Fudd?

  1. This is such an excellent post!!!! I really enjoyed it. Lots of great points! Great Job!! : )

  2. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point.
    You clearly know what youre talking about, why waste your intelligence on
    just posting videos to your blog when you could be giving us something enlightening to read?

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