FAVORITE PEARL JAM SONGS EVER…. (so far)

Yellowledbetter (album lost dogs) – I love this song, I can have a rough day and play this song and feel better. The music and Vedder’s voice are like a religious experience.

Jeramy (TEN) – This is the song that made me a life long pearl jammer. The night I saw them play this song on the VMA’s was magical. I’ve never seen such a passionate performance before, or since.

Black (TEN) – most beautiful, and honest love/ break up song ever.

Not For You (vitalogy) – grinding, guttural, makes you want to flip everybody off. This song should be the underclass’ anthem.

Alive (TEN) – this song is legendary.

Immortality (vitalogy) – some say this song was Vedder’s tribute to Cobaine. But this song reminds me of my nephew David who passed away. It is special to me, like him.

World Wide Suicide (pearl jam) – awesome protest song. this song makes me want to say F U to this nations government.

Do the Evolution (yield) – see above

Supersonic – (backspacer) – one of my new favs. this song is just amped up and charged and all about rock n roll. a real feel good kinda song.

no way (yield) – I like the groove of this song. grinding and funky. love it.

given to fly (yield) – beautiful melody, and poetic lyrics. Vedders vocals are amazing

unthought known (backspacer) – see above

the long road (deadman walking soundtrack) – a sad song, in a way. but it is mostly saying we aren’t meant to be here forever. that something more is after this. I’m rambling, but its the song I want played at my funeral.

You are (riot act) – this isn’t one of pj’s typical songs. thats why I love it. it’s melodic, dramatic, carnal.
was a surprise when i first heard it. it proves this band can play anything.

sleight of hand (binaural) – somber, and haunting song. makes me think Vedder was reading my mind to hear the lyrics sometimes.

Present Tense (no code) – see above

of the girl (binaural) – beautiful, unusual song. love the music.

Release (TEN) – haunting, but gorgies song. Vedder’s vocals and lyrics are superb.

indifference (vs) – see above

hard to imagine (lost dogs) – see above

off he goes (no code) -one of the saddest songs ever. once you hear it, it will stick with you.

come back (pearl jam) – I can hardly listen to this song. it’s beautiful but it makes me too emotional.

dead man walking (lost dogs) – somber but good song. stone gossard said these were some of his favorite Vedder lyrics. they are mesmerizing as is the music, awesome guitar work.

Animal (vs) – one of their best hard and heavy songs

Breaker Fall (binaural) – see above

got some (backspacer) – see above

the fixer (backspacer) – a feel good song, it gets me going

1/2 full (riot act) – has one of my fav lyrics ever, look under my profile pic and you’ll see it.

wash (lost dogs) – some vedder’s best vocal work ever.


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