Aryancrombie and Bitch

I been putting off writing anything about this lousy, repulsive, yuppie, corporate ass named Mike Jeffries.  Aka the CEO of the overpriced rag store called Abercrombie and Fitch.

Hi, I'm Mike.  I'm cool with my tie and lips full of ass fat.

Hi, I’m Mike. I’m cool with my tie and lips full of ass fat.

I wanted to not say anything because well, it is his business.  But when I actually read the things he said like “Not wanting overweight women in his stores.”  and  “Candidly, we go after the cool kids. We go after the attractive all-American kid with a great attitude and a lot of friends. A lot of people don’t belong [in our clothes], and they can’t belong. Are we exclusionary? Absolutely.”

It sounded a lot like another infamous leader.  He was quoted saying …”What has made the Greek ideal of beauty immortal is the wonderful union of a splendid physical beauty with nobility of mind and spirit.”    Can you guess who said that?

It was this guy.

It was this guy.

Yes, the Furor.  Big A, the head hate monger, Hitler himself.  He was another guy who was obsessed with “perfection”, “beauty”, his own idea of  “cool.”  (Of course even while being a complete psycho, murdering war monger had a much more extensive vocabulary than Jeffries.)

So you may ask, are you comparing Mike Jeffries and Abercrombie and Fitch to the Nazi party?

Of course not.

Why … Of course not. 😉

Although the comments and practices Mikolf has made does draw comparisons.  The word exclusionary for instance.  Also means, ban, prohibit, prevent, reject.  Kind of like oh I don’t know …

Like this

Like this

or this

or this

Yeah Mikolf, you call it exclusion.  But segregation by any name is still the same.    Now, let me say right off I am in no way saying that the exclusion that Jeffries and company are perpetrating is in any way as terrible as that of the Jewish people of WW2 or the Blacks of civil rights era America.  I do see though a terrible case that could spread if not confronted.

I see this whole thing by Jeffries and A & F as one of two things.  One, he is a narcissist, mid-life crisis having, jerk.  A man with his head firmly planted in his liposuctioned gluteus. One who was once the odd man out in school and is now as my girlfriend put it ‘projecting’ his inadequacies on the kid/kids he used to be.  (In his mind only.)

SHIRT, an overpriced sixty five dollars.  JEANS, an asinine one hundred dollars.  SANDALS, should be two, but priced an outrageous twenty dollars.  THE MAN, worthless.

SHIRT, an overpriced sixty-five dollars. JEANS, an asinine one hundred dollars. SANDALS, should be two, but priced an outrageous twenty dollars. THE MAN, worthless.

The other option is it’s all a business ploy.  The use of the words cool, all American, and attractive make me wonder if it’s all propaganda.  By saying these things he gives impressionable young people the idea that by buying A&F’s douche rags that they will be seen as cool, hip, part of the in crowd.  I would rather believe this.  But A&F’s exclusion (there’s that word again) of plus size clothes for women makes me think the prior.  Sure they have clothes for as Mikolf says “beefy football players.”  (No comment) But apparently he doesn’t like BBW’s.  They are not in his idea of cool or all American.

I'd Rather be dead than cool.

I’d Rather be dead than cool.

What is Jeffries Idea of cool exactly.  Well from billboards, magazine ads and the spam that pops up on web pages it seems like he finds half-naked, oily,  very young , fornicating  folk cool.

These pants are so great I want to slip them sensually from my body.

These pants are so great I want to slip them sensually from my body.


Guys, sorry.  Mike said no shirts for the men.

Guys, sorry. Mike said no shirts for the men.

I have NO idea what this has to do with selling clothes.

I have NO idea what this has to do with selling clothes.

The idea of cool is really subjective.  I mean, what one person believes is cool another will not.  But Jeffries has turned it into a way to exclude and hurt other people.  All because he probably was the ‘UN-cool’ kid once in his life.  I’d like to ask Mike if he thinks the children that are making his glorified oil rags are cool.

dce9e953-eaec-46d1-a892-2fc5553f8a13wallpaper  Are the kids working in the sweat shops of Mumbai India, China, and other poor places of the world cool enough for your clothes.  I should hope so.  They are the ones putting the money in your elitist pockets.  The world is a very cruel place for poor kid, or a kid who is over weight, nerdy, or just a little different in some way.  Is it not bad enough Mike that your industry has driven models to extremes of starvation?  Such as eating kleenex, or going to hospitals to use I.V. just to stay thin.  Let along women in general striving to look like Heidi Klum, who has been airbrushed and photoshopped until Heidi doesn’t even recognize herself.  But now you and your fatuous industry wants to drive teens and children to the same unrealistic expectations.  Girls at ages where some haven’t fully or even begun to develop their bodies.  Boys who haven’t even grown muscle or facial hair.  Kids who don’t have a clue as to what’s going on in your soft core porn ads.  Kids and teens who have yet to shed the baby fat that you seem to diteste. 

   Is it because you  Mikey have never reached the same expectations that your models exhibit?  With your really, … really bad plastic surgery. 


Your gelled hair that for a man your age looks sad and very silly.  You dress like Jimmy Buffett when not at the office because you want the world to think you’re a laid back beach bum.  But really, you’re just a bum.  No, a lot of bums have more heart and integrity than you Mike.  You are worse.  You are a corporate tyrant with a big bank account,ego and some power.  But inside you are a little man with an inferiority complex.  You sent out a message that you only want pretty people in your stores and clothes.  Whether you know it or even care, you hurt lot’s of children.  But you know what Mike.  With your Beauty-supremest message, you showed the world you are uglier on the inside than the outside.  (And that’s pretty damn ugly)   

  You may not want plus sized girls in your stores or clothes.  You may have the right to keep them out.  But, one thing is true.  Fat girls may be fat.  But they can lose weight.  You Mikey, will always be one … ugly … mother fucker.  



4 responses to “Aryancrombie and Bitch

  1. I totally agree with all you say.

    On the other hand, I’ve only ever seen douchebags wearing A&F clothes, so in a way they’re giving themselves away immediately, which is not so bad. You can see them coming from afar 🙂

    The homeless initiative is going to confuse me a lot. Generally, whenever I see someone with those clothes on, I just turn on my heels and walk as far away as the situation allows. Now I won’t know whether I should give the conversation a chance…

    • LOL! Great points. But as long as some homeless folks are getting some clean warm clothes I’m very pleased. Even if the clothes are doucherags. LOL! Thanks for the read and feedback.

  2. Great article babe! I love it! You said it well! And yes like I said, he is “projecting” because he was once an outcast and he’s trying to make up for how he was Probably treated as a child. You would think he would do the opposite and help the kids that are bullied and can’t afford expensive trends. He is selfish. he needs to grow up and let go of childhood grudges.

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