Open Letter to George Zimmerman

Dear Mr. Zimmerman,

Well, you did it. It’s over and done. You beat the system, you beat those ‘assholes’ (your words not mine) you beat the Martins and everyone else. You had your ‘Dirty Harry’/Charles Bronson moment. Did it feel good? Do you feel more like a man now. You killed an unarmed human being, a kid for getting caught in the rain. You stalked him, gunned him down, and still walked free.


Some will and do say as you have I’m sure that he attacked you. It was self-defense. But in your mind, maybe deep, deep down and hidden maybe even to yourself, you know don’t you George? It was you who knocked over that first domino. You could have stayed in the car. You should have. You instigated all of it. But you somehow are a hero to some still. But not to yourself. No, George. I know, many others know, and most of all you know. You are a failure in life. You failed at becoming a cop. You failed at being a vigilante. You failed to stay in the car. You failed at being a man. The only thing you have ever succeeded in doing, is escaping real justice.  Good luck sleeping and shaving in the mirror George.



JTR Franklin


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