Use To an original poem by JTR Franklin

A poem I wrote many years ago after a bad break up.  I am comfortable enough now to share it thanks to my new and true love.

                                USE TO

An Original Poem by JTR Franklin

You use to love me.  You use to care.

You use to love, smell, and stroke my hair.

Use to …

You use to adore, and praise my eyes.

Now behind yours fester disgusting lies.

You used to want me around.

Now you lock me out and enjoy putting me down.

I use to see the light of my future in your face.

You blew out the light and left yourself in the dark of disgrace.

I use to laugh with you, I’d wipe away your tears.

But you decided to dance in shadows, and atop of all of our years.

I use to love you.  I use to care.

Use to …



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