This Tea Is Cold an anti Teaparty poem

                              The Tea Is Cold

                                                  An Anti Teaparty Poem

                                                         By JTR Franklin


   This tea is cold.  The cup is chipped.  There is no cream or sugar, the cup cut my lip.  This tea is too cold.

   Isn’t this tea is supposed to be warm?  Isn’t this the party that follows the norm?

  Why so cold, with no flavor or taste?  This party is no fun, my time and money you waste.

This tea is cold.

  This tea has a film, it looks very scummy.  It tastes like bathwater, no good for the tummy.

  This teabag is old, its contents decrepit.  You have not even served cookies.  Is this party legit?

  Your tea party is horrendous, you have it all wrong.  You lack any class; I don’t think you will last long.

  With your chipped cups, old bags, cold tea, lack of cream, sugar, or cookies about.  I think soon this tea party will be thrown out.

This tea is cold …

Old bags and chipped cups

Old bags and chipped cups


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